Day of Russian Interpreting for British Vogue in Sadlers Well

I found a couple of pictures I was allowed to take during my interpreting job for the British Vogue last year. The company in charge organised a promotional photo session with the Russian ballet dancers Natalya Osipova from the Covent Garden and Sergey Polunin, for the British Vogue April issue. Being Russian myself I was very excited to have a chance to interpret during the interview for the two Russian superstars of the ballet world. Although both dancers had good English, the producers felt it was a good idea to have a Russian interpreter on the set. Both dancers looked so strong and powerful but gorgeous and gentle at the same time. Despite their fame they were both quite good-natured and professional throughout the whole day. There was a lot of chemistry between them – it wasn’t a secret that they were a couple on and off stage. It was a real privilege to accompany them and help with interpreting on a few other interview occasions after the British Vogue event.  The unexpected perk from those assignments was a ticket to their show in the Sadles Wells theatre!

Explore GB in Brighton - Russian Interpreting job

Two years ago I was invited to interpret at the Explore GB show in Ascot. That job was brilliant. I had a chance to see the famous racecourse and meet many interesting people whilst getting to know my other colleagues, the Russian interpreters.

This year the Explore GB show was in Brighton and the UK was showcasing the best of Britain again. A lot of tour operators came from Russia and luckily for me and my colleague two of them couldn’t speak English, hence we were asked to provide Russian interpreting services again! The event was well organised, and the two days were jam-packed with appointments and meetings, and I was pleased to have another opportunity to learn about the places I didn't know existed in the UK. I had a great client - a tour operator company from Ekaterinburg, represented by their general manager. We got on really well which is always very important for me as an interpreter. During the 2-day event I managed to show her a bit of Brighton as well – the Lanes and the seaside. For once I didn't have to travel too far for my interpreting job!   

He did look real!  - my Interpreting job at Explore GB in Brighton

He did look real!  - my Interpreting job at Explore GB in Brighton

Russian English Interpreter Irina Hood. London UK

Russian English Interpreter Irina Hood. London UK

Interpreting at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery

If you need a Russian interpreter to visit a gin distillery, I'll be there for you, as the song goes. After my one day job at the distillery in Whitchurch  I think I have a pretty good idea about how gin is made technically. The Bombay Sapphire distillery tour turned out to be more than a story of spirit infused with 10 botanicals and a cocktail-making session as I initially thought! The knowledge of some specific technical terms would have been handy. Who would have thought that I would be translating into Russian ‘coil condenser’!

However most of the group were Russian male journalists (who knew those sort of things anyway!) and when we left the beautiful distillery building I knew everything there was to know about it. The day finished pleasantly with the cocktail-making session in which sadly I couldn't fully participate since I was driving, so I had to do with a non-alcoholic drink which, admittedly, was very nice!