Day of Russian Interpreting for British Vogue in Sadlers Well

I found a couple of pictures I was allowed to take during my interpreting job for the British Vogue last year. The company in charge organised a promotional photo session with the Russian ballet dancers Natalya Osipova from the Covent Garden and Sergey Polunin, for the British Vogue April issue. Being Russian myself I was very excited to have a chance to interpret during the interview for the two Russian superstars of the ballet world. Although both dancers had good English, the producers felt it was a good idea to have a Russian interpreter on the set. Both dancers looked so strong and powerful but gorgeous and gentle at the same time. Despite their fame they were both quite good-natured and professional throughout the whole day. There was a lot of chemistry between them – it wasn’t a secret that they were a couple on and off stage. It was a real privilege to accompany them and help with interpreting on a few other interview occasions after the British Vogue event.  The unexpected perk from those assignments was a ticket to their show in the Sadles Wells theatre!